Mission: Establishing a society to ensure safe food for the people of Bangladesh through which stakeholders can be made aware of food safety at the stages of production, storage, marketing and consumption etc by the science based researches, studies, conferences, Seminar, Symposium, Publications, workshop, journal and collaboration with national and international organizations regarding safe food for human and animal health.

The objective for which The Society is established are all or any of the following and all the objectives mentioned hereunder will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the government/concern authority/competent authority and the objective contrary to the provision of The Societies Registration Act shall be treated as ineffective.

1. To promote & awareness service to various stakeholder and research & development for nutrition quality in food for safe or protect human body from disease.

2.  To building up awareness on safe food among the producers, traders, consumers and others stakeholders.

3.  Collection, analysis and dissemination of information and facts regarding safe foods, research and development of society.

4.   To find out the way of food adulteration and mitigation measures, starting from the production up to the dining table.

5.  To communicate and sensitize the policy makers to promote safe foods for the society.

6.   To promote safe food related to research and development in Bangladesh.

7. To promote & establishment of voluntary organization to encouraging the expansion of existing appropriate assistance for technical, improvement of knowledge and human resource development to safe the food from unhealthy production, marketing & uses and enhancement the nutrition of food.

8. To establish libraries & information services, publications reports, booklets, leaflets, magazine facilities to publicize the objectives of the Society.

9. To organized seminar, workshop and conference and publications of periodical on safe foods.